Mary Matha Matriculation Higher Secondary School


Home Rules Attendance
  • Regular attendance is an important element for successful school work, no student should absent himself / herself from class without sufficient reason.
  • In case of serious illness, the Principal must be informed on time, and leave application should be accompanied by a Doctor’s certificate. Long absence from the school without prior intimation will be viewed seriously. Such absentees are liable to be removed from the roll.
  • Absence due to illness or any other reason should be intimated at once. Prior permission is required even for short period of a day or two. Leave record should be produced on attending the class on the next day after the absence and countersigned by the class teacher.
  • Leave letter should not be written in the student’s diary but in a separate, neat sheet of paper, duly signed.
  • Pupils will not be allowed to leave school or meet parents during the working hours. In case of emergency, the parent or the guardian should seek permission from the Principal personally.
  • Absenting from tests and examinations will be considered a serious breach of school discipline. Pupils who absent themselves from any of the terminal examinations, for any reason other than sickness corroborated by Doctor’s certificate, will be considered as having failed in that particular examination.
  • Students and Teachers have to attend the morning assembly and join the prayers. Those who happen to come late, shall not enter the class, but shall report to the Principal / Teacher designated and get marked in the late attendance page in the Handbook. Routine late coming will not be tolerated, but will be viewed seriously.
  • Sick and unwell students, and those suffering from contagious diseases are advised not to attend the classes. Students with full attendance for the school year will be recognized during the awarding ceremony.