Mary Matha Matriculation Higher Secondary School

Co - Operation of Parents

Home Rules Co - Operation of Parents
  • PARENT’S ROLE : The co-operation of all the parents is expected to ensure the pupils’ regular and punctual attendance, good general behaviour and execution of homework allotted.
  • CONTACTING TEACHERS : Parents are welcome to discuss the progress of their children with the staff of the school and the principal at the stipulated timings.
  • PARENT – TEACHER ASSOCIATION : Whenever parent’s meeting is arranged, Parents must attend the meeting. During the school hours, parents are not allowed to meet Teachers in the school campus without the permission of the Principal.
  • DIARY : Parents should inspect the student’s diary regularly. Remarks entered in the diary should be signed by the parents. Failing in this regard will be considered as non-cooperation from the parents.
  • CLEANLINESS & BELONGINGS : Parents must see that the students are clean in their person, dress and belongings. Wearing flowers or gold jewels is strictly prohibited. Girls may wear only ear studs. Hair must be clean, tidy and decently dressed. Colouring of nails or palms is not permitted. Students must always carry a handkerchief with them. Those who have their lunch in the school campus must bring a towel, spoon and napkin.
  • PUNCTUALITY : Students must be in the school campus 10 minutes before the final bell. Late comers must bring with them intimation regarding late arrival signed by the parents. Suspension or expulsion is imposed to those who are regular in being irregular to school.
  • ELECTRONIC POLICY : Books, magazines, cell phones, pen drives, CD, electronic gadgets, toys, playing cards and other articles not prescribed by the school should not be brought to the school. Exchange of money or things is not allowed among students.
  • DAMAGE TO SCHOOL PROPERTY : Writing, scribbling on walls, dirtying the classrooms and surroundings or damaging any school property is forbidden. Any school property damaged by students must be replaced or its cost will be recovered.
  • ENTERTAINMENT : Please see that your ward participates actively in all games (Sports Club Activities etc) and all other co- curricular activities (Literacy Club Activities) held in school.
  • CARING : Please don’t send your ward to school when he/she is suffering from any infectious disease. Complaints by parents if any, remarks about the staff or the functioning of school must be brought to the notice of the Principal or Manager and not to the staff concerned directly.
  • BICYCLE : Parents and students must ensure that the bicycle should be in good repair and meet all safety requirements. The rider should know and observe all the traffic laws. Bicycles are to be parked only at the parking shed.
  • CHARITY : Our school tries to inculcate an attitude of offering alms to the needy on every Wednesdays without any compulsion.
  • GATE PASS : Exit by students at times of emergency demands a gate pass signed by the authorities concerned and be accompanied only by parents or guardian referred in the hand book.
  • BUS RULES : Students must be on time at the designated school bus stops and help the bus start on schedule. They must also stay off the road at all times while waiting for the bus. Damage to seats, etc., must be paid for by the offender. The driver will not load or unload riders at places other than the regular bus stop, except by proper authorization from the parent or school official.